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 Bokanmeldelser/Book reviews





          Nummer 1

   War criminals in Norway, by J. Jozelic           (NORSK VERSJON)

   Social Critique Today, by G. Ognjenovic       (NORSK VERSJON)

   Democratisation…, by T. Nordby

   Bombs and Ideals, by C. Holst

   Responsibility, by G. Ognjenovic

   Integration and Stigmatisation, by J. Jozelic

   Holocaust….,by  L. Auestad            (NORSK VERSJON)

   The New Wars, by C. Holst

   Mar adrento, by L. Auestad            (NORSK VERSJON)



          Nummer 2

  A postcard from Haag, by G. Ognjenovic

  A Radical Project, by G. Ognjneovic and L. Auestad          (NORSK VERSJON)

  Bad Luck…, by S.Fredriksen

  Habitus…, by H. Isaksen           (NORSK VERSJON)

  The use of…., by G. Hillestad Thune

  Nostalgia as…, by A.J. Vetlesen

  Tragedien Bjørn Hansen, by S. Fredriksen

  Emotions, Attachment…., by L. Auestad

  Truths and Lies….., by G. Ognjenovic

  Furnishing people, an interview with Maureen Baird, by G. Ognjenovic and L. Auestad

          Nummer 3


   Freedom, Meaning and the Market, by Lene Auestad

   Distribution of Pain, an interview with Nils Christie, by Gorana Ognjenovic

   A Catholic Vision of the Good Society, by Clemens Cavallin

   Stoltenberg’s Co-Responsibility for Srebrenica, by Arne Johan Vetlesen

   South America’s Poorest Cousin on the Verge of Collapse?, by Claudio Costello


   Mobile Crisis-Teams an Alternative Method for Community Health Services, by Kirsti Baird Hultberg

   Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, by Gorana Ognjenovic

  Critique and Views of Human Nature, by Cathrine Holst

   He was never invited to anyone «Us» and «Them» in «The Man who loved Haugesund»,

   by Lene Auestad


   Photo European Constitution, by Gorana Ognjenovic

        Nummer 4

    G.H. Mead’s Symbolic Interactionism: On The Significance of Emotional Experience for self-formation

   by Emma Engdahl

   About Rule Obsession and Human Rights, an interview with Gro Hillestad Thune, by Gorana Ognjenovic

   Freedom through knowledge, by Heidi Isaksen


   A self-fulfilling prophecy, Stoltenberg’s co-responsibility- a reply, by Arne Johan Vetlesen

   Moral of Wickednes, by Gorana Ognjenovic

   The Phenomenon of The Da Vinci Code, by Clemens Cavallin

   Meeting point (Point de rencontre), by Stine Schwebs

   Der Untergang, by Gorana Ognjenovic

   Omfordeling og annerkjenelse-et kritisk blikk på debatten mellom Nancy Fraser og Axel Honneth,

   by Petter Nafstad

   Ja vi elsker Judith Buttler, by Gorana Ognjenovic

   Photo WTO agreement, by Jasna Jozelic