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DESPITE THE THEME of our previous ‘letters from the editor’, the intention with Dictum is not to create an arena for bad mouthing of Serbs in general.

But today we found out about something that we think you should know about, even though the topic is very much related to the one from the previous issue, namely the issue of the Serbian war criminals.

DO YOU KNOW WHO Prof. Biljana Plavsic is? I know who she is!

Why do I know who she is? She is part of the package; she is one of the reasons why I pay the price for being where I am from.

How come? She is one of the reasons why people from ex Yugoslavia have been referred to as beasts and monsters for the past fourteen years. She was the main brain behind the ideal of the ‘superior, clean, Serbian race’ on which the Genocide in Croatia and Bosnia was based.

How did she get away with that? She got away with it because she was the only female member of the famous Serbian-Bosnian Quartet from Hell (consisting also of professional soldier General Ratko Mladic, psychiatrist Dr. Radovan Karadzic, and Shakespeare expert Prof. Nikola Koljevic), the leadership that led Bosnian Serbs into committing the crime of the century.

So where is she today? She is serving the 11 years Haag sentence for crimes against humanity, in Sweden.

WHAT IS SO NEW ABOUT THAT? She is about to be released after only four years of served sentence.

How is that possible? In Sweden they do not keep individuals older than 75 years old in jail.

Did her lawyers know about it when they advised her to choose Sweden? Of course they did!!!

How can this happen almost to the day of ten years since the Srebrenica slaughter that her ideology resulted in? Ten years since thousands of men eliminated right in front of FN soldiers that did nothing to save them? Easily! She is now under the jurisdiction of Swedish authorities that are just interested in practicing their own highly humane ideals.

But what about all the innocent victims and their relatives left behind? Who cares! They were never made into a juridical category of ‘valuable human lives’ or anyone’s high humane ideals of how people should be treated. They never got the right to live their lives through. They were abandoned, handed over to an execution at the hands of Serbian heroes that are as they always do just defending Europe from the invasion of the Islamic herds.






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