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I STILL REMEMBER the day I arrived to Norway, a refugee from war torn Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is not easy to forget it and I do not think that it is possible either. Horrible pictures in my mind from the destroyed city, dead people lying on the streets, fear of getting killed, raped, or whatever else. I thought that that was the last time I had to think about it. There was a very strong hope that time will heal all the wounds and that myself together with all the others who had survived genocide, prosecution, killings, rape should never go through that again. For many years I avoided watching TV images that could provoke horrors from my ‘war’ past. I doubt that I was the only one who tried like this to ‘forget’ the images deep seated somewhere in our brains without us having control over them. We, human beings like to pretend as if we have control over our lives and our feelings. Unfortunately and luckily that is very far from any truth. Now, (naively did I think that all percussions were taken) I can start building my life again. I am still young, everything is possible, I am in a new country where none of the dark, evil, barbaric, dirty beard-wearing murderers are around me. They disappeared in the night. Darkness took them away, I thought. Oh how naïve I was. 

THEY ARE HERE. Oh yes, they are, they are here in this country that we like to look upon as human, democratic, peaceful, full of care and compassion. Suddenly I had the feeling that I am again back to square one, where I started my journey in the first place. 

IS IT IMAGINABLE that this country gave residence to 50 war criminals who are freely wandering around the country. Who would believe this? They are here around me. The darkness is arriving again to the cities. It is spreading. All the questions that we were asked before surfaced again. Stupid, yes, but true. All you who wanted to show that you care and that you want to know. Where are you? All the uncomfortable questions; about how it is possible to do such things to other people, neighbours, families, children, women, old people. How could we? All the answers that came as explanations, or rather as excuses for a wish not to be placed in the same box with people who used to be your neighbours and countrymen. That was unit I understood that killing, torture, and systematic rape do not have any explanation and especially not any excuse. That is the worst thing someone can do to others as well as to oneself. 

AND BEAUTIFUL, free Norway is silent. Does nothing. Does not have resources. This has to be sorted out in cooperation with the war crime Court in Hague. That takes a long time. They do not know where those people are, hundreds of excuses. Ridiculous.  Sad. Authorities excuses. I am pretty sure that if this was about giving money to someone abroad to do this kind of work, Norway would be the first one to give money, as always. What happens now? Why do murderers, war criminals go free around this country? Why are victims again exposed for the horrors they went through? This provokes anger, confusion and enormous disappointment. I want to demand. I demand action from all those who are quiet, cannot, don’t want or do not care. I do not want and refuse that my taxes be used for protection of those who killed me, tortured me, raped me and prosecuted me. I demand that contribution to this state should be used for condemnation and punishment of these people. I demand that they do not get away with it. 

I WISH THAT Norway finally shows that it cares for issues here at home. You do not need to travel far in order to fight for justice. It is here right under your noses. Just look up. 




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